The end of the project

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It is sad to be done with a project that I have been working on and thinking about all semester. My final project did not even turn out how I pictured it days before assembling it. Since I was planning on using live plants I waited until the day of to actually put all the elements of my project together. I had wanted to use some of the college’s grass on the top layer of the table. I had problems finding tools to dig up the grass and then it didn’t look right just resting on the wood, plus I knew I wanted my table to be displayed high up on a workshop table so the grass would not even be visible. I quickly decided to try to work with rooted plants just wouldn’t work out. Instead, I trimmed vines off of the ivy outside of the art building. I tried to weave the foliage into the wooden structure and I found that the areas that this was most successful were where there were broken or accidental holes. The gaps between shelves secured the plants, unused screw holes, and broken biscuit joints were the best for integrating the vines into my project. The effect was closest to my original drawing of leaves growing from a table.  The illusion of things growing from all of my mistakes was extremely healing for me. After all the struggles and difficulties I faced in this project, finally seeing it become something BECAUSE OF the process and the bumps in the road felt amazing. Next, I added the last touch, the scarves. This element ended up working best tied to the wood and draped across shelves. My favorite part is the scarf tied around the extra leg I had to add to the bottom. The white yarn looked like snow which gave way to my final theme: winter/Christmas. In the end, it feels like my project came full circle, it turned out amazing and went against everything that I imagined.


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