My Soft Thing

Inspired by Holsenbeck, I used a material that could have been thrown out. I have this foam bed pad from my roommate last year who graduated. One of my goals, inspired by Chakaia Booker, in this project was to completely transform the pieces used so they are only slightly recognizable. After working with the foam for a while I found the best way to cut it was in triangles. Seeing the yellowish foam in a triangle reminded me of a cake. So, I went out and bought some pink spray paint. I didn’t want to spray paint all of them so that the cakey-ness was not lost. As I tried to transform the foam into cake I found that the material just soaked up the paint like a sponge, but never dried. So I tossed out all but one of the spray painted pieces.

The sewing aspect of my Thing is fishing wire tying all of the foam together. The first process I tried for making this work was just to stick the wire through the foam. This foam ended up being too dense for this, so next, I tried to make holes in the foam by sticking scissors through. I accidentally sliced my finger doing this, so I switched to tying the foam up in the fishing wire. This ended up scrunching up the foam and making it into more interesting shaped. I made long strands of foam, with some spaced between clumps. Each stand is unique because every piece of foam needed a different amount of fishing wire to secure it.

The place where I installed my soft thing was under the spiral staircase in the gallery. I wanted my work to be close to the work of those who inspired me. The staircase also allowed me to hang the pieced at different heights. Some of the feedback I received during the critique was that it looked like a sea creature. In the end I liked the the piece end up seeming alive because it moved whenever someone when up and down the stairs.

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